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About Michael Moe
  • Michael’s experience provides you with an insight into what makes companies great.

    — Bill Campbell, "The Coach of Silicon Valley"

  • Michael honors the entrepreneurial spirit—enhancing the abilities of entrepreneurs to build something that makes a difference in the world.

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— Dick Kramlich, Silicon Valley Legend & The Godfather of Modern Venture Capital

  • Michael Moe has long been an influential thought leader at the cutting edge of global technology, investing, and leadership.

    — James M. Citrin, Leader, CEO Practice at Spencer Stuart & author of “The Career Playbook"

  • Michael knows that great products don’t make great companies without the indispensable component of human capital.

    — Michael Milken, Chairman, The Milken Institute

  • Michael Moe and the GSV team have written the playbook on how an entrepreneur can win big in Global Silicon Valley.

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